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We’re sorry you can’t find your favourite product.

We’re very sorry, some ROYAL CANIN® products are temporarily unavailable or low in stock. This is due to interruptions to our global supply chain that we experienced late last year, including production at our factory being disrupted from the widespread fuel protests in France.

The health and wellbeing of cats and dogs is our priority and we’re working very hard to get our high quality diets back in pets’ bowls as fast as possible.

Our ROYAL CANIN® products are manufactured in France and Austria and imported into Australia and New Zealand under strict requirements. Worldwide, our products are made to the highest quality control standards.

We have been working closely with our factory in France and have made positive progress on resuming normal supply to Australia as quickly as we can.

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Product availability

Production at our factory in France has increased significantly, however, we expect it will take a number of weeks for some products to be back in stock. As it takes some time for our products to make their way in to pet stores and veterinary clinics, we encourage you to check in with your local retailer or pet professional to find out when your favourite product will be available to purchase.

Transitioning your pet to a new diet

If you are transitioning your pet to an alternative diet, we recommend doing this over five to seven days to help avoid gastrointestinal upsets.

Dogs and cats’ digestive systems are more sensitive than ours, so it’s important to introduce a new diet gradually. By following the guidelines below, you can help your pet adjust to their new diet.

Changing your dog or cat's diet

How to transition your dog or cat's diet over 7 days

To read more about transitioning your pet to a new diet please click here.

As always if you have any concerns about the health of your pet please contact your veterinarian.

Need nutrition advice or an alternative product recommendation for your pet?
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