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Growth and Development

Growth and Development

The age of your puppy has a great impact on its nutritional needs. And as your puppy develops, his or her needs change.

Royal Canin provides nutritional solutions designed to specifically and seamlessly transition puppies from their mother’s milk to solid formulas. Our age-specific nutritional solutions don't stop there. We also make products designed for growing, adult and mature dogs according their size.   



From weaning to adulthood, energy requirements, immune support and digestive development are critical to your puppy's growth. Raising a healthy, happy puppy requires time, planning and the proper nutrition. With the right puppy food and a little patience, you can ensure your life together gets off to a great start. 

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Once they reach adulthood, many dogs have specific needs based on their size, breed and other particular health requirements. In order to remain fit and healthy throughout their life, your dog’s diet must satisfy all of their needs, avoiding both deficiencies and excesses.  Royal Canin is specifically formulated to meet your dog’s full nutritional requirements according to their size, breed, age, activity and other specific needs.

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Even for dogs, ageing is unavoidable. Dogs go through two distinct stages of ageing – maturity and senior – and thier nutritional requirements are different in each stage.  Maturity generally starts from the mid-point in a dog’s life, and this is a stage when the signs of ageing are not yet visible. At this stage, feeding the appropriate diet can help them retain youthful vitality and helps assist the body to fight against the effects of cell ageing.

At 75-80% of their total life expectancy, dogs are considered 'senior'.  Special nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and glucosamine can help your dog stay active and vibrant well into their golden years. Vitamins E and C, Taurine, Lutein and beta-carotenes complement the natural immune defenses of ageing dogs when included in their diet. Essential fatty acids also contribute to healthy skin and coat.

Not all mature and senior dogs have the same nutritional needs. This is why regular visits to the vet are particularly important for older dogs. Your vet will be able to give you some great advice and tips to help your dog get the most out of life no matter their age.

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