Vet Care Feline


Different Aged Cats have Different Needs

A kitten, for example, will need a higher level of certain nutrients to both maintain their everyday functions and to support the healthy growth of bones and muscles. Our Pediatric range has been designed specifically for them.
At about 7 years of age, cats’ nutritional requirements change – and in ways that may vary from one cat to another. Some senior cats, for example can start to show visible signs of ageing early - such as osteoarthritis, kidney disease and behavioural changes.
Others may age slower and won’t show obvious signs of ageing as quickly. It’s important, therefore, to be aware of your cat’s individual needs – and to provide your pet with nutrition that’s precisely suited to help maintain ideal body condition and health.
The clinical signs of ageing are often hidden in cats so make sure you consult with your veterinarian on a regular basis. Our Senior Consult range is designed to provide your cat with the optimum diet as he or she reaches more advanced stages of life.

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