Urinary Care

Urinary Care

Help avoid urinary issues with Royal Canin's Urinary Care - available in dry and wet diet. 

Did you know that like humans, cats can also suffer from urinary health issues? In fact, the #1 health insurance claim for cats is urinary tract issues*. 

Introducing the new Urinary Care range - available in a dry and wet diet. 

Urinary Care is a precisely balanced nutritional formula that:

  • Helps maintain urinary tract health in cats
  • Helps control the balance of minerals in urine to reduce the risk of urinary crystals and stones forming
  • Helps reduce urinary pH and urine concentration promoting bladder health.

Common signs

Check out the commons signs that your cat may have urinary health issues. Help avoid it with urinary care.

Episode 1: Stage fright

Episode 2: Litter Mess

Episode 3: Awkward stare

*Euromonitor International - Pet Care: Emerging Habits – Veterinary Pet Insurance 2010 & MARS CMI Urinary Tract Health Awareness Study September/October 2015.

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