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Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

At Royal Canin, we live by the conviction that cats and dogs are not like humans. We respect them for the complex and wonderful creatures they are. They are unique, with unique nutritional needs that are distinctly different from our own. 

Observing them, learning from them, respecting them and recognising their differences is quite literally our life’s work. Through this work, we have identified their specific needs and created a complete line of super premium health nutrition specifically formulated for cats and dogs – large or small, young or old, specific breeds or mixed breed. Because we know that only by feeding the best quality nutrition can we truly help cats and dogs stay as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Knowledge and Respect


In the world of pet nutrition, there are a lot of companies creating formulas that appeal to pet owners – because ultimately pet owners are the ones who buy pet food. Royal Canin isn’t like a lot of pet food companies. Our mission is different.

At Royal Canin, we make the most precise and effective nutrition for cats and dogs based on breed, size, age, lifestyle, weight, gender, digestion, their genetic makeup and to address other specific needs. To do this, we’ve accumulated vast knowledge about cats and dogs that only extensive observation and tireless dialogue with pet professionals, breeders, veterinarians and owners can provide. But even that isn’t enough.

In order to create health nutrition that makes a difference for cats and dogs, we maintain constant respect for their fundamental animal nature and unique nutritional needs. At all times and in all ways, cats and dogs are at the centre of everything we do.


Our Commitment to Optimal Quality and Food Safety

Royal Canin is home to many passionate pet owners, and like you, we take the health of our pets very seriously.  We are committed to continued innovation in health nutrition and to helping improve the lives of the cats and dogs we serve.

Our quality and food safety systems are state-of-the-art and we will continue to invest heavily in new technology to ensure they remain that way.

  • We put our raw ingredient suppliers through a rigorous selection process that doesn’t end with our first purchase – we test every load of raw ingredients delivered to our plants to ensure the safety and quality of the ingredients we use to make food for cats and dogs.
  • We perform thousands of quality checks every month, at every plant, including tests for Salmonella, melamine and mycotoxins.
  • We manufacture every diet we sell, in plants that we own. Our plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management and ISO 2000 certified for Food Safety.
  • We perform tests on all finished products before they are shipped.

If you have any questions about our quality standards, please contact us.

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