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The best way to appreciate the superior quality of Royal Canin health nutrition is to see them in action. Read stories from passionate pet owners like you and learn how Royal Canin health nutrition diets can positively change the lives of cats and dogs. Try Royal Canin with your pet and see the difference it makes – we are so confident in our products that we will refund the purchase price if you are not completely satisfied.

Buddy - the fearless & happy Terrier 


"My dog Buddy loves the Precision Nutrition food for Jack Russell Terriers by Royal Canin.

He is quite a fussy boy, especially when it comes to dry food. However, he actually really likes this food, and is looking really well.

His digestive system can also be a bit sensitive to some food, but this food agrees with him. He’s got plenty of energy and looks really good."

- Jodi, Victoria

Giving Henry back his pep

Henry (3)_2

"I just wanted to say to say THANK YOU. We have two miniature Dachshunds, Henry 16 and Heidi 4.

Until we tried your food my old dashie could not get half way around the block before he would start to limp and had to be carried for a while. Your Royal Canin Dachshund specific food has breathed new life back into my little old “hairy kid.”

He now no longer limps and can walk the whole way and keeps up with the young girl when she gets playful, which is a lot. I meet quite a few other dashie owners with whom I always take the opportunity to tell them about your product.

People also can’t believe how old Henry is when I tell them, as he does not move like an old dog. He is looking a bit old with his white muzzle but they can’t believe he’s 16. And despite the fact he shouldn’t jump up on the couch he can still do it with ease. Even his Vet is surprised how spritely he is for his age.

So, THANK YOU for giving him back his pep. I truly credit your food for his improvement in health. We are grateful that you have perhaps given him a bit longer and better quality of life that he may not have had if I had continued with his old brand of food.”

-Sue, Heidi and Henry

Darcy the Labrador

Darcy Walsh

"I am the owner of an 11 year old Labrador, Darcy. When Darcy was three, he developed a thyroid condition which saw him gain a rapid amount of weight. Over the years, I have tried numerous diets to manage his weight with no success. His weight became an ongoing, stressful battle - along with his weight and thyroid, Darcy also developed arthritis.

Darcy was always looking for food and had trouble moving about; after years of trialing diets and I decided I would call the Royal Canin Pet Advisory team. Since calling the Royal Canin and managing his weight on the Royal Canin Obesity Management wet diet, Darcy has finally reached his target weight. He has a sparkle back in his eyes and looks forward to his daily walk.

Thank You Royal Canin!"

- Pauline and Darcy


Diesel the gentle giant


“I have a 10 month old Neapolitan Mastiff who I have fed Royal Canin Giant Puppy and now Giant Junior to since he was 9 weeks of age.

He is the healthiest dog and everyone comments how beautiful his coat is and I put it all down to feeding him such a good product like yours.

We took him to a Dogs Day Out and again everyone was commenting how beautiful he is and his coat and general wellbeing.

They said obviously we feed him a good product which we told them was Royal Canin and they all said that is why he is like he is.Thank you for making this product for Giant breeds - it has definitely made him the dog he is today - even at 10 months of age and 85 kgs.”

- Tracey

Buford's bravery


"I just wanted to say thank you Royal Canin, your dog food has saved my beautiful boy. Two years ago Buford, our Great Dane, had a twisted stomach and pneumonia. After surgery he seemed to recover well but then one night walked into a pole. After much investigation we discovered he had lymphoma. He started his chemotherapy in February last year and all seemed to go well.

During the long, arduous chemotherapy which finally finished in September, Buford developed an immense dislike for taking pills. Unfortunately this meant that he had an immediate dislike for dog food.

We tried everything, chicken, steaks, raw food, and canned food, everything we could think of. He wouldn’t touch anything. We then got our Bloodhound puppy and the breeder insisted we feed her Royal Canin Large breed puppy food. I thought, what the hell, I’ll try Buford on the large breed formula, even though it has grains in it. At first it was the same. The size of the biscuit was the same as all the others and he wasn’t interested, but we persevered.
Then imagine my surprise when I opened my new bag of giant breed dry food to discover extra-large biscuits and he loves it! He is now in remission and in the last month has put on 4 kilos.

Thank you to Royal Canin for questioning “why are giant breed biscuits so small?"
We’ve just put our old boy (14 years) on your Ageing food and he loves it. So now we have our Bloodhound puppy “Belle” on Giant Breed puppy, our 14 year old Hungarian Viszla “Frog” on Ageing and “Buford” our Great Dane on Giant breed adult."


Jensen's fight


“Our 2 year old tabby cat Jensen was being diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infections, including the life threatening formation of urinary crystals, as often as every 6 weeks costing us vast amounts at the vet whenever this occurred. We had tried everything, including Feliway, to try and reduce his stress levels. We were at our wits end after 2 years with this so we decided to try Royal Canin Urinary S/O. We’ve been using the wet and dry food for the past 4 months and he hasn’t had a single occurrence since then! Nothing but his diet has changed during this time, and the difference is amazing! We haven’t had to spend any money at the vet since then. Could not be happier with the outcome of just spending that little bit more, to save so much more in the long-term!”

- Samantha

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