Taurine is used to treat serious heart disease known as congestive cardiomyopathy. In cats, taurine is an essential amino acid. It is needed for vision and reproduction. It provides protection against free radicals, making it also a first-rate antioxidant in the fight against ageing.

A little background information

Taurine was discovered in 1826 in the bile of cattle (Bos Taurus). It is an amino acid containing sulphur that is found in most animal tissue,and concentrates in the muscles. Contrary to traditional amino acids however, it does not have any role in protein synthesis.

Its role in the body

Taurine enables the liver to synthesise bile salts. It also works by regulating calcium flow into and out of the cells and, as a consequence, it acts on cardiac function. It has a major antioxidant action in the cell. 

Natural sources

Meats (e.g. the organs of fowl) are the main natural source of taurine.

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