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Swiss Hound

The reunited family

Scenthounds and Related Breeds

Original Name : Schweizer Laufhund, Chien Courant Suisse

Type : Braccoid

Male size : 19¼-23¼ inches

Female size : 18½-22½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Switzerland


Swiss Hounds are lively, enthusiastic hunters that are always gentle, docile and very attached to their master or mistress. They are medium-sized dogs with good conformation, bringing out their vigor and stamina. The long muzzle and clean head with long ears give it an air of nobility.


Elongated, narrow, clean, noble and domed, clear occipital protuberance but no furrow or wrinkling on the forehead.



Neck, back, croup and tail form a harmonious, well sustained line.



Bernese Hound: with black patches or black saddle; light to dark tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears and around the vent, sometimes very slight black ticking.• Jura Hound: tan with black blanket, sometimes with black overlay or black with tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, around the vent and on the legs.• Lucerne Hound: “blue” resulting from the combination of black and white hairs, very heavily speckled, with black patches or saddle.• Schwyz Hound: white with orange patches or saddle.



Narrow at the base before widening, reaching to the end of the nose.



Extending from the croup, medium length, tapering at the tip, curving upward slightly.



Short, smooth and furnished, very fine on head and ears.


When the first standards were drawn up in 1882, there were five varieties of Swiss Hound, but by the time they were revised in 1909 the Thurgovia had totally disappeared. A unified standard was published for the four varieties in 1933. The Jura Hound has now gone the way of the Thurgovia. These small game hounds hunt hares, roes, foxes and sometimes wild boars. They work independently, giving tongue, exhibiting great skill even on hilly terrain.

Did you know ?

There are four distinct varieties of Swiss Hound, each bearing the name of a Swiss canton: Bernese, Jura, Lucerne and Schwyz.


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