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Original Name : Broholmer

Type : Molossoid

Male size : Approximately 29½ inches

Male weight : 110 ¼-154¼ lbs

Female size : Approximately 27½ inches

Female weight : 88¼-132¼ lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Denmark


These Mastiff-type dogs are big and strongly built, with a rectangular body and characterized by regular, powerful movements. Their appearance is dominated by powerful hindquarters. The head is massive and broad; the neck strong and somewhat loose-skinned. The chest is broad and deep. At rest, the head is carried low and facing towards the ground, while the tail hangs in the shape of a saber. In action, the tail is carried higher, but never on the back.


Fairly big and broad, giving the impression of heaviness.



Straight topline, strong, well defined withers, fairly long back and medium length croup, which slopes slightly.



Yellow with black mask, golden red or black.



Medium-sized, set fairly high, hanging against the cheeks.



Set fairly low, broad at birth, carried hanging without flag or feathering.



Short and well fitting, with a thick undercoat.


Broholmers have been around since the Middle Ages, when they were used to hunt stags. Later, they were mainly used to guard large estates and manors. By the end of the 18th century, they were being purebred and their numbers rose thanks to the efforts of the Count Sehested of Broholm, who gave the breed its name.After World War II the breed almost died out, but circa 1975 a group of devoted enthusiasts formed a society to revive the Broholmer, which was supported by the Danish kennel club association. Nowadays, most Broholmers are companion and guard dogs. Their physique and behavior are essential breed characteristics. Calm, well-balanced, friendly but always alert, Broholmers must be self-assured dogs. The head is carried higher and the tail is raised above the horizontal when the dog is attentive or excited.

Did you know ?

This Danish breed almost disappeared and it was only in the mid 1970’s that the country’s breeders began working on developing a viable breeding population. Broholmers are still scarce and, uniquely, the breed club monitors all adults and every puppy born in Denmark.


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