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Original Name : Aïdi

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Atlas, Mountain, Dog

Male size : 20½- 24½ inches

Female size : 20½- 24½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Morocco


Aidis are solid, very hardy dogs of remarkable strength and mobility. Muscular, nervous, strongly built and lacking in any heaviness, this breed has a distinctive bushy coat to protect them from the sun and the cold of the mountain slopes. This fleece also provides protection in fights with jackals and other predators.It has a lively, direct and determined gaze, as befits a vigilant dog that is always ready to guard.In some regions of Morocco, ear cropping is customary. The tail of working dogs may even be docked.


Strong, broad and well proportioned compared with the body, generally conical.



The topline must slope slightly toward the rear. The broad, muscular back is of moderate length, followed by powerful, very muscular loins, which are slightly curved. The croup slopes harmoniously.



Black, fawn, brown, generally spotted with white.



Medium-length, slightly rounded at the tips, set obliquely so as to leave the skull clear, carried half-drooping.



Long, reaching at least to the hocks. Set in line with the croup and carried low, scimitar fashion, at rest.



Thick, rather harsh, half long (about 2½ inches), save on the face and ears, where it is sparser and finer.


Aidis have been found in the mountains and plateaus of North Africa since time immemorial. Nowadays, there is a large population in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the country responsible for the breed standard. Aidis have close ties with the semi-nomadic tribes of the mountains. Their task is to protect their owner’s tent and possessions. They also protect flocks from wild animals, although they don’t guard them like European shepherd dogs do. They are very loyal, affectionate and obedient dogs around their host family.

Did you know ?

Aidis exhibit remarkable innate instincts to guard and protect. Ever alert, they have an innate ability to assess the gravity and proximity of a threat and to fearlessly provide a proportionate, efficient response to it.


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