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Shetland Sheepdog

A wee Scottish herder from the islands

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Shetland Sheepdog

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Sheltie

Male size : Ideally 14½ inches, more than 1 inch either way is highly undesirable.

Female size : Ideally 14 inches more than 1 inch either way is highly undesirable.

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : United Kingdom


Shetland Sheepdogs are little long-haired working dogs of great beauty, with no sign of heaviness or coarseness. The shape is harmonious, such that no part looks out of proportion. The abundant coat, with mane and frill, the well chiseled head and the gentle expression combine to present the ideal specimen.


Refined and, when viewed from the top or the side, forming a blunt wedge, tapering from ear to nose.



The length of the body – from the point of the shoulder to the bottom of the croup – is slighter greater than the height at the withers.



Sables, tri-colors of intense black on the body, blue merles (clear silvery blue, splashed and marbled with black), black and white, black and tan.



Small and moderately wide at the base, placed fairly close together at the top of the skull. The tips must fall forward, as pricked ears are deemed to be a fault.



Set low. The tapering bone reaches at least to the hock. Abundant hair throughout.



The topcoat is long, straight and harshly textured. The undercoat is soft, short and close.


Alert, gentle, intelligent, strong and active, this diminutive breed is affectionate and responsive to its human companion, but reserved–never nervous–with strangers.Scottish sheepdog breeds are renowned for their very strong attachment to their human companions. Underneath that elegant appearance and dazzling color lies a compact master sheepdog that loves to participate in sporting challenges when there is no flock to herd, especially tests of agility, where it can showcase its strengths.

Did you know ?

The breed’s characteristic expression is the result of the perfect balance and harmony of skull and nose, shape, color and position of the eyes, position and carrying of the ears.


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