Dermatology Month Webinars, 2017

Dealing with Atopy - A practical approach to improving the skin barrier

Dr Dani Hoolahan

  • When: Wednesday 8th November, 7:30pm (NZDT)
  • Presented by: Dr Dani Hoolahan BSc BVMS DACVD

Managing atopic dermatitis can often be a nightmare for both veterinarians and owners. Dr Dani Hoolahan from the Veterinary Dermatology Clinic in Sydney clinic joins us for this exciting webinar, to walk us through the practical aspects of the diagnosis and multimodal management of atopic dermatitis. Importantly, Dani will also focus on the relevance and manipulation of the skin barrier in atopic dermatitis.



A Vet Nurses guide to working up the allergic patient

Photo of Ellie Clarke
  • When: Wednesday 15th November, 7:30pm (NZDT)
  • Presented by: Ellie Clarke RVN

In this very practical webinar, Ellie Clarke the Head Nurse at ‘The Skin Vet’ in Auckland, gives us an overview of working up the allergic patient. Ellie will cover the importance of taking a clinical history (including what to ask and why), how to perform a clinical examination of the allergic patient (including key areas to assess) and how to take cytology samples of diagnostic quality, including impression smears, trichograms & skin scrapes.



Diagnosis and Management of the Pruritic Cat

Mandy Burrows
  • When: Wednesday 22nd November, 7:30pm (NZDT)
  • Presented by: Dr Mandy Burrows BVSc (Hons) MACVS FANZCVS

We are very excited to welcome Dr Mandy Burrows back to present to us. Here, Mandy will give an excellent and practical overview of dealing with the pruritic cat, including important updates on the clinical presentation of cats with allergies, the diagnosis of feline atopic dermatitis, anti-pruritic drugs for the management of feline pruritus, and feline immunotherapy.



Food Allergies – THE diagnostic challenge in small animal medicine

Dr Craig Griffin
  • When: Wednesday 29th November, 7:30pm (NZDT)
  • Presented by: Dr Craig Griffin DVM, DACVD

In this informative webinar, Dr Craig Griffin from Animal Dermatology Clinics discusses how diagnosing food allergy leads to improved patient care. Emphasis will be placed on what really makes diet trials so difficult, such as how the combination of food allergy with environmental allergies often leads to miss diagnosis. Craig will also discuss what clients & vets do that complicates the recognition of food allergy, and then give a number of tips to make the diagnosis of food allergy more likely, which improves patient management.


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